Top Vape Accessories And Their Benefits

What are the top Vape Accessories And Their Benefits?


Top Vape Accessories And Their Benefits



Creating a custom vaping experience that is unique to individual tastes, preferences and styles is one of the possibilities offered with vaping.

These personalized experiences are not possible with traditional analog cigarettes. If you’re bored of smoking cigarettes and want to liven up your smoking consider customized vaping instead.

Customized vaping starts with choosing from the popular vape accessories that are crafted to work with specific mods and even Advanced Personal Vaporizers or APVs, all of which you can buy at



As they come into direct contact with the e-liquid and are subject to huge temperature variations, resistance coils in e-cigarettes have a limited lifespan. It’s important to use the right resistance coil for your box mod.

Apart from the obvious need to be compatible (atomizer manufacturers generally only make resistance coils that work with their own products), it is essential that you set the wattage of your vape to the most suitable setting for the resistance coil you’re using (check the user guide for your device).

Battery Chargers



With the more sophisticated Li-ion batteries comes the need for more advanced chargers. Using these chargers allows you to charge multiple batteries, even those of different types, all at the same time and through the same charging device.

These units will automatically detect the type of battery as well as the correct charging level. Designed to ensure batteries are never over-charged and do not heat during the charging process they can extend the life of the batteries, saving you money over time.

Of course, it is also a wise decision to have a few USB chargers handy. These are perfect to keep in the vehicle, in a briefcase or purse or in any device case for quick and easy charging on the go.





vape tank is the part of your e-cigarette or mod that holds your e-liquid and contains the coil which vaporizes it. In most devices, the tank sits on top of the battery, which is the pen-like part on older designs and the bigger, usually box-shaped part on modern devices.

Tanks are usually cylindrical in shape, with glass bodies and a metallic top and bottom section. They have a stem running up the centre, which is attached to a coil at the bottom and leads up to the mouthpiece.




The main function of tanks is to allow the liquid in the tank section to soak into the wick, which makes contact with the coil. When you activate your vaping device, the coil heats up, vaporising the liquid in the wick.

The tank then replenishes the wick with liquid and you can continue vaping. There are many different designs of tanks, but the core function is always the same.

For instance, on some of the earliest models, the entire reservoir was filled with wick material, and a little later, manufacturers switched to an empty liquid reservoir but the coil used to be towards the top rather than at the bottom.


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